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Oilpatch Pulpit is a spiritual watering hole. Whether you are exploring spirituality for the first time, or completely sold out for kingdom living, this website is for you. Our free video library contains hundreds of inspirational messages that will encourage you to say YES to God’s greatest destiny and call for your life. Steve doesn’t water the message down or sugar coat it. He preaches the Word—like it or not—but if you are hungry for the truth you are going to LIKE IT A LOT!


Steve Holmstrom, along with his wife Cara, are the founders of Zinger Oilfield Supplies Ltd, an oilfield rental company serving northern Alberta since 2005. They have five children, and make their home in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada. For over twenty years Steve has enjoyed ministering to believers in local churches and in conference settings throughout Canada and beyond. His greatest passion is to seek the Lord’s presence and bring His Kingdom to the backwoods of the beautiful Alberta oilpatch.

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